Timing is now!

Only 10% of call centers leverage the cloud.  Gartner Group spells out a $24 billion market ahead of us

The window of opportunity won’t wait.   Add the CallCorp CCaaS to your portfolio with the click of a mouse.

Integrate your current offerings or add a new line of business to cement your legacy and value with your customers. 

Leverage CallCorp’s Innovation

The market is moving quickly….accelerate your time-to-market with the market’s most disruptive innovation in OmniChannel Contact Center Solutions.  We’ve built it for partners to make it their own.  

This is the easiest make-buy decision you’ll make. 

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Your Brand

We’re a wholesale provider who doesn’t compete with our own partners.  You’ll never see us bidding for your customers.  Our mission is to drive value through your brand.

Our technology with your brand, your customers, and your expertise creates a seismic shift in your competitive strength.  


  • Revenue Share
  • Minimum Revenue Commitment
  • Consulting Services

White-Label Partners

  • Per-License Subscription

Contact Centers

Small Businesses

Mobile Entrepreneurs

Immediate Value

  • Enjoy immediate payback. As you build out your offering, you’ll see value flow to you and your customers.
  • Expand into the mid-market & SMB cloud contact center market overnight. Low-touch, template-driven, and easy administration means higher margins in new markets.
  • Price below the competition with CallCorp’s significant cost advantage and unique cost model
  • Protect and retain your customers from competitive threats

Solidify your place in the Industry

Contact Centres are at the heart of every customer interaction.  Your role in the industry becomes solidified by adding best-of-breed CCaaS solutions.  No matter the role you play, we’ll strengthen your company and grow your market presence.  

Partners in these markets are all enjoying benefits from the CallCorp CCaaS solution.  Come join our growing partner community.