Customer Communication

From text to phone call to web chat, meet your customer where they want to meet you.

Seamless Experience

Conversations move easily from channel to channel; no change in queue status.

Single Inbox

Agents manage conversations from all communication channels through one inbox.

Eliminate redundant services with hosted PBX from CallCorp. A single, unified communications platform offers all of the traditional PBX features, boosted with the power of the cloud. And migration is easy—seamlessly move existing lines and auto-provision new lines.

Integrated PBX:

– No need for a seperate PBX system for non-call center users

– No need for a seperate PBX system for non-call center users

– Unlimited direct dial numbers

– Toll-free, long distance dialing

– Auto-provision phone numbers and calling plans

– Call back and call forwarding

– Voicemail management

– Extension dialing

– Hunt groups

– Ring-alls

Here’s how we’re different:

  • Reduced IT Costs

  • The CallCorp micro services framework dramatically lowers cost of delivery. Even when compared to other cloud providers, CallCorp delivers exponential cost reduction.

Robust PBX Features

Core PBX Features

Enable your existing landline to answer and route calls, video, text, web chat, email, and more to the right department or agent. Transitioning your traditional on-premises PBX system to the cloud increases security and improves the customer experience. Connect via SIP to your existing PBX solution, integrate with your preferred PBX cloud provider, or use the core PBX features of the CallCorp platform.

“With Integrated PBX we were able to take our existing landline and make it textable! Now customers can call or text the same number. It’s easier for marketing and it’s easier for customers.”

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A smarter call center platform, built for partners.