Central inbox

Capture and respond to all incoming messages, in a single view.

Channel context

Automatically adjust tools and content available based on communication channel.

Concurrent sessions

Maximize agent productivity by interacting in multiple sessions at once.

Create a cloud-based omnichannel contact center that goes beyond traditional inbound call management. Integrate contact management across modern digital channels, funneling email, web chat, SMS text messaging, and more into a single inbox. Agents see a unified history of every customer, maximize productivity with concurrent sessions, and communicate faster and more clearly with tools and channel-specific content, based on the incoming customer inquiry.

Messaging and web chat offers:

  • A more seamless, unified experience for both customers and agents
  • A better internal experience with complete customer history from every communication channel

Here’s how we’re different:

  • Chatbot Integrations

  • Use your existing chatbot to funnel all communication into a single inbox.

“Messaging and web chat with CallCorp is a lifesaver. Customers can channel hop, moving from one channel to the next, and the conversation pick ups as easily as it was left off. Agents can see a complete history and answer questions quickly.”

– Customer D

A smarter contact center solution, built for partners.